They come to pick up the bodies twice a week. Unfortunately, our days are Friday and Monday which sucks. They’re too close together and by Thursday the whole fucking block smells so bad it makes you wanna puke. To add insult to injury, the collection spot is right below our bedroom window. Thursday nights are obviously the worst. People start stacking the bodies out there once it gets dark, which you’re not supposed to do, but I can’t say much since I’ve done it myself plenty of times. 

The absolute worst is if you forget to take the bodies out on time, because they come early, seven or eight in the morning. You know, maybe you were drinking the night before and didn’t set the alarm or whatever. Then those carcasses just sit around all weekend stinking up the area. Of course, it happens on the regular since most people around here are shit faced 24-7. Hell, you’ve even got the ones that miss Friday and Monday. No use complaining about it though. Nothing you can do but wait. It’s a big ass city and the unlucky dolts who do the job are busy buzzing around the maze of wards that make up our section, picking up the remains day and night. 

There’s no shortage of bodies. One week there’ll be 20, 25 rotting away outside the window. They got city workers that come do counts and some way or another figure out where the bodies were staying. Before you know it, a bus comes with 20 or so people and they get led to different buildings. Sure enough, the next week there’ll be another 20 or more bodies outside. Like I said, there’s nothing you can do about it. You know, as much as you hate it, you actually do get used to the smell. It’s not that bad really.

Fred Vee