The legends from Japan who were at the vanguard of the “noise” music scene in the late 80’s - early 90’s. I played the hell out of this CD when it came out along with John Zorn’s “Naked City” project which featured Boredoms vocalist Eye.

All incredibly out there stuff back then (still is) but there is always method in the madness the more you listen. Boredoms have other classic albums such as “Pop Tatari”, “Super æ” and “Vision Creation Newsun”, all of which I love. Not everything is as chaotic as “Chocolate Synthesizer” but it’s all usually stuff you gotta ease into.

As for the other band members it’s been a lot of rotating people who come and go, do side projects or guest on an album. Eye seems to be the anchor of it all. In any case, Boredoms are must have for your collection if you have a wide taste in music.