One of my favorite albums of all time. The forces of MF DOOM and Danger Mouse combine with with a couple guest MC’s to create the style of hip hop I really love. Smart, funny rhymes that never get stale.

If you’re not aware of MF DOOM you have to dig deeper into his work. His real name is Daniel Dumile but he has a stable of alter egos (MF DOOM, Viktor Vaughn, Madvillian, Danger Doom) that feature his masterful skills.

DOOM performs wearing a mask that hides his face. That is if he shows up at all as he’s known to send out imposters at gigs at times. He’s like a hip hop Andy Kaufman that way. All weaved with quirky stories and signature samples from old tv shows and movies make this man a true artist.

Give a listen and you’ll get hooked in DOOM’s world, guaranteed.