“Untitled” - Set Of Disorders

I recently stumbled across a collage artist who goes by the name Set Of Disorders. Seems like, I think possibly he, has recently either started this work or started to present it from what little info I can gather. He or she may be recovering from an addiction of some sort judging by the last Tumbler post on the blog.

In any event, I’m really digging the work I see. All are black and white collages comprised of some pretty harrowing imagery that leave me feeling a bit unsettled yet with a fraternal comfort that I’m not alone with thoughts that haunt me late into the night.

Pain, injury, death and discomfort are the major themes that run through the work. I can relate if these collages are a catharsis of sorts of someone going through addiction, having fought that battle myself. The ordeal leads to feelings of being raw and exposed both psychologically and physically. The ugliness of what your running from is never farther away than a few seconds in your mind and the ugliness of what you’ve become trying to escape that as you look in the mirror is terrifying.

On the other hand, it could also be looked at as a reflection of the world as it now. Country by country from Amerikkka to Brazil to Europe in general, is falling into a vile sewer of nationalism, hatred and contempt of any attempt towards a fair and just society. These collages symbolize the revolting behavior that’s been lying dormant in Joe Six Packs around the globe that are now free to to vomit their hatred and insecurity at any person or institution they feel threatened by. Truly shocking times well reflected in the images that hit your senses with a good left hook.

I hope whatever this person is going through gets better and that they continue making art that makes one stop, look, look away and if you’re brave enough to confront what is out there in this (or your) world, look back again.