Always a lil sad to hear when the people whose talents you grew up with appreciating pass away. Ginger Baker had a good run, taking off from this earth at 80 years old, considering what a maniac he was. He was a character and damn good drummer, not just with Cream but in his life after that mega stardom. Thanks for the rhythms Ginger.




A friend turned me onto the work of Maya Deren this weekend. This film is from 1944 called “At Land” which she directed and starred in. Really amazing work what with all the time and location jumps and a genuine sense of expression. Surreal yet completely sensible.

Quite a few of her other films can be found the YouTube machine and my friend says there’s a documentary called “In the Mirror of Maya Deren” which is apparently quite interesting. I know I’ll be looking for it.

I don’t know why this amazing filmmaker from the 1940’s escaped my radar. She was obviously ahead of her time and a true artist. I hope more people are aware of her contributions to film than I was.




Coroner has long been a favorite metal / thrash band of mine. With the release of “Grin” in 1993 they switched things up a bit, introducing some electronica and industrial sounds. Some people hate it but I love this album. Always keep an open mind kids.




I don’t watch a whole lot of television stuff not because I think it’s bad, though most is pretty bad, but the good stuff I can’t seem to keep up with. The last really good thing I finished was “The Wire” which was obviously a while ago. I got through about two seasons of “Community” which was fun but I got busy and never got back to it.

This week “Undone” started on Amazon Prime and I really like it a lot so far. The good thing about not seeing a lot of series is that I don’t know who the actors are and in Undone I love Rosa Salazar, who I’d never heard of. That she’s animated in the show makes no difference and in fact let’s her character come through even more. It’s real easy to fall for a character when you know them only as…well, the character.

It’s an interesting thing and an enjoyable surprise when you come upon talent in this way; unbiased and accepting. Salazar gives Alma just the right amount of cynicism which fits nicely with the crazy events that happen to her.

Good stuff. I hope it stays fresh for a while.




Back again after a long hiatus. Got a bit of a new look and will be adding some material very soon. I have a bunch of stuff I’m uploading to the YouTube, some of which I’ll post here and have a page on the site with all of it. I’m also streamlining the pages to a couple of galleries of relevant recent work I’ve been doing.

As for da blog I won’t be posting as frequently, maybe once or twice a week. Depends on how busy I am but no 5 days a week or anything. I’ve got comments open so feel free to say what’s up. I may start doing some posts in Japanese at the start of 2020 so my folks here have something to laugh at.

What else…nothing really. I’ll be seeing ya soon.




If they asked her if she was busy and her mind whirling with a million thoughts, I can relate. If they asked her if she was really a man or a demon about to kill them - I’d be interested and thankful for the distraction.




Kohei Yoshiyuki, “The Park”, 1973

Kohei Yoshiyuki, “The Park”, 1973

A pretty good article to introduce an interesting photographer for those who don’t know of him. I remember reading about Kohei Yoshiyuki’s series “The Park” quite a few years ago when the internet as we know it was still young. It was such a strange project I thought, though I also thought it was pretty amazing.

The subject matter of voyeurism and Yoshiyuki’s choice to photograph the night voyeurs instead of the couples getting down in various parks in Tokyo inherently brings up an array of privacy issues, which as the author notes, feels relevant in the #MeToo era and the general lack of privacy felt online these days.

When I first saw them those type of issues were not on my mind. I was more fascinated by this curious subculture. In places like New York City, San Francisco or any major American city, this type of stuff is pretty common, though from what I know, mostly in the gay male community. Cruising in parks is common knowledge and it wasn’t unusual to stumble upon a couple of guys doing their thing while walking your dog or crossing Buena Vista Park when I lived in San Francisco.

However, I don’t really recall seeing a lot of voyeurs (although I’m sure they were around) and again, there were no straight couples that I heard of that used the parks regularly as hook up spots. I know plenty of people who’ve had sex in public but not the way the people in Tokyo were going about it. I suppose it was partly the freewheeling 70’s and partly the cramped living in Tokyo that led the people to the parks. Maybe a dash of exhibitionism as well. Either way, it makes for good thinking about a man with a camera 40 plus years ago, running around in the night and watching the watchers, and making images of them for us to really make this exercise in voyeurism astounding in it’s degrees of separation.

Fun stuff.




I don’t know who painted this but apparently it’s from around 1680. It reminds me of this March, which I’m sure you can figure out I ain’t gonna miss. Hope things look brighter as spring settles in.




This very brief video should be enough to cause you a lot of concern. As the title implies, it points out that the coral reefs are dying, fish are migrating and a few other critical things that could radically change the ocean by 2030. I’m stunned people don’t talk about this stuff a lot more and with a sense of urgency.

Denial is one hell of a hard thing to break. I think it’s already too late to undo the damage and I hope that I’m wrong. From what I don’t see and don’t hear, I feel bad thinking that the planet is going to end up as a giant shit hole. We blew it.




I’m not too sure what I think about this album yet. It features Les Claypool from Primus, who I like and Sean Lennon, who I honestly only know as John Lennon’s son. But this is their second album I learned, so they must have an audience.

It does have a distinct sound, a retro feel but I don’t think it’s as psychedelic as some others do. The best tune I heard so far is “Blood and Rockets”. Great hooks, a nice fuzzy guitar sound and Lennon’s voice is perfect for this song. I have a feeling that with a few more listens this will become a favorite of mine. Definitely worth the time to check it out.




Lou Reed is an icon for many different reasons for many different people. He is a polarizing figure to many as well; you either love Lou Reed or hate him. I’ve met few people that don’t have a strong reaction either way. I’ve felt both ways about him at different points in my life but it always comes back to the love side (though it’s arguable love and hate are essentially the same thing).

There’s far too much to say about the man than I want to for a simple music post, but this album Transformer, is a pretty fair summation of why I always end up loving Lou. The deceptively straightforward simplicity of his music, his ability to distill so much in a single line, his awkwardness that lied right next to his ultra coolness.

Transformer has all that wrapped up in one album. There may be objectively better records than this, or personal favorites that rise and fall as the years go by, but I feel this album showcases the man and his music consistently over time and throughout the record itself. The fact that Mick Ronson and David Bowie worked with Reed here doesn’t hurt, but ultimately the storytelling is all Lou. And it’s his storytelling that always brings me back to most of his work.

There isn’t a bad tune on this album in my opinion and it flows wonderfully. If you’re one of the rare people who’ve never heard Lou Reed or only know him from a hit or two, you can’t go wrong by starting here to see what a lot of the fuss was about the man.




I found out today the world lost another good soul, my friend KAIE. She was an artist with many gifts. Most importantly she was a caring, curious and beautiful person. I’m still a bit shocked and will miss her very much. Unfortunately, she couldn’t beat cancer. Please try to make a donation or something to rid the world of this damn disease that takes too many from us too soon.

Safe journey’s on the other side KAIE ❤️❤️❤️