I’m a product of the American Northeast Tri-State area. The part where most people from there, tell others that they’re from New York City because it’s just easier that way. I moved westward to San Francisco around 1991 and lived there until the good times ended and the soul of the city was squeezed out by “money”. So, I moved again in 2011 to Yokohama, Japan where I currently live.

During all this time I just mentioned, as you can imagine, I’ve done a lot of this and that, I’ve been here and there and probably know some people you know.

Now I live a modest life as a bohemian expatriate in a great city. I make ends meet, make my art and stay busy. Additionally, I run the Launch Pad Gallery, a small art gallery, with my wife in the Ishikawacho District of Yokohama, Japan. We primarily feature new and upcoming artists of all disciplines. Please go the gallery site with any questions or inquiries.

If you have interest in communicating, feel free to contact me.

Thanks for your time.

Click here to see exhibitions I’ve been involved in and some other stuff about me.